Adina Espinosa

Adina is a licensed REALTOR® and proud expat to the beautiful St. Croix island she calls home. Originally from Texas, don’t let her southern “yes ma’am’s” or “no sir’s” throw you for a loop. Allow Adina to show you her passion for helping people in a true southern hospitality style.

Adina’s passion for real estate derived from her own negative experiences while she was trying to acquire her own piece of the American dream. She’s determined to never let anyone else suffer the same horrible experiences while completing the home buying process.  Buying or selling a property should be a great experience to mark a significant landmark in one’s life, and Adina will make sure that your process will always be remembered as the great experience it should be.

In her past life, Adina satiated her desire for helping people by serving in the public service sector. She made a career in law enforcement with the Texas State Police, fulfilling roles as a State Trooper, criminal investigator, undercover operative, tactical training officer, and hostage negotiator.  She is happy to have passed the torch, and looks forward to now serving you.  She is no stranger to the seemingly impossible, so bring forth your real estate dreams and let her work for you.

Adina is a graduate of the Champion School of Real Estate of Houston and a former Texas realtor.  Let her show you the beauty of our island that still takes her breath away. If it is buying or selling, residential or commercial, renting or just window shopping, let Adina solve your problems!